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Activity 3
Examine the ways that ‘Blinded By The Light’ by Morimura, can be interpreted and understood using the Postmodern and Structural Frames. (the original image is ' Parable of Blind' Bruegel



Introduce the work you will examine and what it is an appropriation of. You could briefly describe the original.
The artwork I will be examining is Blinded by the light 1991 and the appropriation Parable of blind 1569 by the artist's Morimura and Bruegel
It is an appropriation of the (painting, photograph, drawing etc..)…………… (date) by the artist ……….
The original artwork is about……………
(name the artist) has appropriated (made the work look similar) this work by……. (briefly explain how he has appropriated it eg. similar composition, shapes, subject matter, position etc)


Begin your examination by stating the visual links between the original and the appropriation. Include how the visual codes can be understood by an audience eg. what symbols, visual codes etc convey meaning
Postmodern frame

Ideas that challenge the mainstream

What are the similarities between the original and the appropriation?
Structural frame
Communication, system of signs
Describe the artists use of line, shape, colour, texture, tone.
What materials and processes are used?
How do all of these explain the world at the time and now?


Summary of main points

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